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Most internet service providers would give you dynamic IP’s. If you want the static IP’s, that’s a lengthy process, so you go for dynamic IP addresses instead. Your IP address is essential for your security, so you need to hide it from hackers and other cyber threats. It’s wise that you follow the ways mentioned above to hide your IP

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If you want to access a gaming server in the US, and you’re from China, you can hide your real IP address and instead use one which shows that you are from the USA. This is the primary reason why gamers change their IP address so that they can access servers based in other countries.

The easiest and arguably best way to hide your IP is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service. This method is by far my preferred way of doing things. Here is how it works. Step one is to choose a good VPN provider. Once you do, you’ll be able to download a copy of their client software to your device. Hide My IP Address Change your IP Address. This is a simple and easy way to hide your IP address. IP Addresses do change automatically from time to time, however to force a change, you simply have to unplug your computers modem for at least two hours and when you get back online, your IP Address will be fresh and new. How to hide my IP Address - All Working Methods (Updated) Aug 20, 2017 How to Hide Your IP Address Online - GoHacking How to Hide Your IP? Following are some of the most common ways to hide IP address on the Internet: 1. Using a VPN Proxy – Safe and Secure Way to Hide IP. Using a trusted VPN proxy service is by far the best way to conceal your IP address online. Here is a list of most popular VPN services that will hide your IP …