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disguise something or someone as something or someone; Source. Thesaurus for disguised from the Collins English Thesaurus. 1 2 3. New from Collins Quick word challenge. Quiz Review. Question: 1 - Score: 0 / 5. boots or shoe? Drag the correct answer into the box. Something in Disguise | Nostalgia Central 1 9 8 2 (UK) 6 x 60 minute episodes. This short drama series from Thames Television featured the life of twice-married couple Herbert and May Browne-Lacey. DISGUISE | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary disguise meaning: 1. to give a new appearance to a person or thing, especially in order to hide its true form: 2. to…. Learn more.

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Nov 13, 1982

3 Ways to Disguise Yourself - wikiHow Apr 28, 2020 disguise | meaning of disguise in Longman Dictionary of She wore dark glasses in an absurd attempt at disguise. 2 → in disguise → blessing in disguise Examples from the Corpus disguise • Morning comes, and Blue starts busying himself with another disguise. • Friends gave us long robes and veils for disguise. • But it was a good disguise, he told himself. • The crash was a blessing in