Of course, this tip on how to hide cash while travelling can only be useful if you are planning to wear sandals or sneakers during your holidays instead of flip flops. Invest in a money belt This is the best way to carry money while travelling abroad. Money belts are one of the most popular ways of keeping your money safe when travelling abroad.

Of the money belt options, current advice is that the leg money belt is the safest right now. In keeping with the theory of ‘stash it in multiple places’, there are other places you can safely hide money on your person, including: In your sock or in your shoes (try under … 20 Best Hiding Money images | Hide money, Secret hiding Jun 21, 2015 - Explore jeansrosebud's board "Hiding Money" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Hide money, Secret hiding places, Hiding places. Where to Stash Your Weed While Traveling According to longtime travelers and nomads, these are the best places to stash your weed while traveling. The Cigarette Box If you want to make a point of making it easier to smoke without having to go through a lot of crazy procedures to do so, then the best place to …

Clever Ways to Hide Money While Traveling - Curious Claire

Jun 13, 2014

Stash money in these inconspicuous objects to keep money out of the wrong hand while traveling. Watch the video above to see our favorite ways to keep your cash safe. Get more travel tips and hacks here>>

Sep 29, 2019