Router Dropping DNS, Losing Connection Randomly for Brief

May 03, 2019 DNS Server Is Not responding - Microsoft Community Sep 17, 2012 Comcast DNSs are not recognizing our domain so all All Comcast users use and as their DNS. These servers don't seem to recognize our domain name and it's records. All other DNS providers in world work fine. Please see below proof. [SOLVED] Using Server 2016 as a router - Networking Apr 10, 2018

Comcast has DNS server config and

Dec 21, 2016 · About . is founded by Mariette Knap, a Dutch Microsoft MVP. is a community for IT Consultants and Business Owners who, themselves, take care of the IT infrastructure and Employees who do that little extra in the company to keep things running. I set the DNS log to level 2 and all other setting are default for a new pfsense install. I have not added any DNS servers and the default ones are listed on the dashboard as which I assume is the pfsens resolver and then Comcasts two ipv4 addresses: and and then the ipv6 versions 2001:558:feed::1 and 2. Using windows 7 and pulling up the cmd prompt along with ipconfig/all the dns shows as. I'm trying to figure out the duplicate showing. I've contacted comcast and they told me there is nothing to be concerned about. Any idea why this is going on? I'm using a XB3 modem/router.

Apr 29, 2012 · @dbasch It seems that the problem is with Comcast’s DNS servers, “dig @ ” yields SERVFAIL. I started researching Comcast DNS servers on my own. Diegos-MacBook-Air-2:~ dbasch$ nslookup –

Jun 29, 2020 Setting up DNS Forwarders in Windows This is where DNS Forwarders come in. Windows 2012 uses a different method to setup DNS forwarding than Windows 2008, which is also different from Windows 2000 and 2003. Refer to section B. Windows 2008 of this article if you are using Windows 2008 server. Refer to section C. Windows 2003/2000 of this article if you are using Windows 2003 or Hardware IP Address located in Michigan A domain pointer appears to be A full reply for the inspected reverse DNS request was captured as at the time of this query. Other domains assigned to the IP ADDRESS Other domains present on this hardware are ORGANIZATION AND ISP An organization that owns is Comcast Cable. Whois - Comcast Cable | Whois Lookup Information WHOIS Ever wondered who is behind IP address On this website you can find the official ownership information, better known as WHOIS (pronounced as "who is") lookup information, for this IP address and many others. WHOIS is an international recognized protocol to query worldwide databases that store information on