Feb 26, 2020

5 Tips for Cleaning Up Google Search Results for Your Name Nov 05, 2015 How can I remove search results with my name in them from Jan 11, 2012 How can I hide my name on a shared Google Doc? - Web It's not possible to hide the owner name on shared documents. It could be found either on the Google Documents UI or on Google Drive. The alternative is to use an account that doesn't include your name on the email address nor the display name.

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Jun 13, 2016 How to Stop Your Name From Coming Up on Google | Synonym With so many websites and services requiring the use of real names in place of handles or pseudonyms, most people active on the Web have at least some personal information available publicly through

How to remove Hide My History (Virus removal guide)

Can I change my name that is seen when - Google Support Unlike the rest of the internet, google forces you to use one name for all your products, incl. email. Why would anyone want to use their real name for reviews and/or a fake name for their emails. It makes no sense, and I never leave Google reviews for this reason.