Finally, to disconnect the mapped network drive, you can do the following. In the context menu of This PC, select the "Disconnect network drive" command. In the next window, select a drive you want to disconnect and click OK. The same command can be called from the Map network drive drop down menu. See the following screenshot.

where number is the number of minutes that you want the server to wait before it disconnects a mapped network drive. The maximum value for this command is 65,535. NOTE: If you set the autodisconnect value to 0 (zero), the autodisconnect feature is not turned off, and the Server service disconnects mapped network drives after only a few seconds of idle time. According to this site user Zach H's method, I went to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MountPoints2\,right-click on the drive mapping key (the "ghost" drive, if Z: is mapped to \\Server\folder then it would appear as ##Server#folder), deleted it ,and then restarted explorer.exe and the disconnected drive disappeared. Now, without the network and the old notebook, I don't need them any more. But when I click on release network drive I get the message that it "Can't proceed cause of invalid network connection". Hide the drive letter of each drive or device in the Computer folder. Use this setting if you don't want to see drive letters displayed on your computer and prefer to see only the friendly name of each drive. Click the View tab, and then clear the Show drive letters check box. Apr 22, 2020 · 1. If using an off-campus internet connection, a Technology Services VPN connection is required before the network file share can be mapped. 2. Open the Start Menu by selecting the Start Button and then type This PC. Click and open This PC. 3. Select Map network drive. 4. A Map Network Drive window will appear. Select a Drive letter and a

One can click on the mapped drive and it will open even though it says it is disconnected. This is interfering with the functionality of one of our network apps. I tried this fix, but it didn't work.

Unable to Open/Disconnect a Mapped Drive in Windows 10

I would like to preface this by saying I understand this is not the best approach to a disaster recovery solution for windows NTFS file shares, but its what I have to work with. I am using an AD group in WEM with a higher priority that contains network drive mapping assignments to a DR file serve

Mapped drive will not disconnect Mar 27, 2019 Unable to disconnect from mapped network drive - Microsoft Feb 16, 2016 How to Map and Disconnect Network Drive on Windows 10 Part 2: How to disconnect network drive in Windows 10. Step 1: Under Computer option, click Disconnect network drive button to open the next window. Step 2: Select the network drive you want to disconnect, then click OK button. Step 3: Make sure if you want to disconnect this network drive anyway. Click Yes button. Note: ( Or you can right